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5 People Having A Bad Monday

5 People Having A Bad Monday


Thanksgiving is over, and Cyber Monday is upon us as we gear up for the holidays these celebrities are dealing with the ramifications of a bad Monday.

5. Pete Davidson for being in a new relationship with Emily Ratajkowski.

Pete and Emily were spotted together court side New York Knicks vs. Memphis Grizzlies game at MSG.

The couple was spotted hanging two weeks ago in Brooklyn. The broadcast showed them on television during the game, sitting next to Ben Stiller and Jordin Sparks.

The comedian and supermodel seem to be comfortable with their relationship being more public, and what better stage than MSG.

4. The man that former NFL star Terrell Owens knocked out at a CVS.

A man that was allegedly harassing people outside of a CVS in Los Angeles was knocked out by Terrell Owens. Owens was picking up some household goods at the store when a 49ers fan approached him and had a friendly conversation.

A second man approached and started talking smack to the Niners fan. The man threatened to beat up the men outside. The group went outside, and Owens was trying to keep everyone calm when the aggressor took a swing at Owens. Provoking Owens to defend himself, which, unfortunately for that man, left him on the pavement.

Everyone knows that the first rule of fight club is to not talk about fight club, but the less well-known second rule is don't fight Terrell Owens.

3. Odell Beckham Jr. for being removed from a flight for falling asleep.

The former Superbowl winner fell asleep as the plane was boarding, and when he awoke, he was being asked to leave for not putting his seatbelt on. OBJ's lawyer Daniel Davilier released a statement on behalf of the former NFL star accusing the flight attendant of wanting to flex their authority on Beckham Jr. Davalier said OBJ was happy to comply with the seat belt order once he was awake and aware of it. Still, at that point, the flight attendant wouldn't accept it.

OBJ was removed by the police, and his luggage was sent to Los Angeles without him. The crew, however, said that OBJ was in and out of consciousness, and they began to worry about his health. The airline said that was why the authorities were called, and when they arrived, Beckham Jr refused to get off the plane forcing all the other passengers to deplane.

Remember, if you're flying this holiday season, put your seatbelt on before knocking out for the rest of the flight.

2. Kanye West for hanging out with white nationalist Nick Fuentes.

West was spotted with the former Youtuber, who lost his account for violating hate speech policy, at a Miami airport. The duo was heading to Mar-A-Lago to meet with Donald Trump.

People had thoughts about the meeting of these three.

Kanye announced his intention to run for President in 2024 and visited Trump to ask him to be his VP in 2024. It's unclear what Fuentes' role in this will be, but the white nationalist seems to fit right in with the controversies Kanye has embroiled himself in lately.

1. Kim Petras for defending Dr. Luke while the Kesha trial approaches.

The lawsuits Kesha has filed to get out of her contract with Dr. Luke for verbal, physical, sexual, and emotional abuse will begin. The suit was initially filed in October of 2014 and led to massive support for Kesha being let out of her contract, unfortunately the New York Supreme Court provided an injunction that prevented the pop star from recording with a new record label while the lawsuit was still being settled.

Petras this weekend faced criticism for working with Dr. Luke after tweeting, 'get talented or good at anything then talk to me, ' promptings fans to hit back.

Kim gave up and deleted her tweets (probably a good PR move).

Petras is right, as other big-name stars like Tyga, Doja Cat, and Saweetie have worked with Dr. Luke after Kesha made her claims public.

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