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5 People Having A Bad Week

5 People Having A Bad Week


These 5 celebs are not having a September to Remember.

5. Lil Baby because someone got shot at his concert in Memphis.

Lil Baby was performing at the FedEx Forum, home of the Memphis Grizzlies when gunfire erupted from the crowd. The rapper was whisked off stage as the crowd dispersed from the venue. According to news outlets, gunfire occurred on the first floor of the venue, and only one person was shot.

Emergency workers found a man with gunshot wounds and rushed him to a hospital. The victim was in critical condition, and the suspect used the chaos and confusion of the crowd to escape and is currently still at large. Wishing the victim all the best in his recovery and hoping the gunman is apprehended soon. Maybe ask Ja Morant if he knows the other gun holders at the FedEx Forum.

TW: Rape

4. Danny Masterson because he's under 24-hour surveillance while in jail after being sentenced to 30 years in prison.

The "That '70s Show" star is under 24-hour watch, with guards checking on him every 30 minutes to make sure he's not exhibiting any mental distress. Masterson was recently convicted of rape and sentenced to 30 years in prison. The former actor is now waiting to be moved to a state prison in California.

Masterson's legal team released a statement saying that their client is mentally strong and feels confident the conviction will be overturned on appeal. Masterson's lawyers have allegedly spoken to top appellate attorneys who suggested that the case has a chance to be overturned.

3. USA Basketball fans because Team USA lost to Germany in the FIBA World Cup.

The top betting favorites to win it all this year lost to Germany in the semifinals, meaning Team USA can no longer qualify for the gold. This year's Team USA featured mostly newer NBA talent, with names like Anthony Edwards, Mikal Bridges, and Jaylen Brunson being some of the biggest stars on the roster.

The team's lack of experience showed as they were upset by Lithuania earlier in the tournament and lacked the poise to complete their comeback against Germany after finding themselves down 10 points in the third quarter. USA can now finish no higher than third and qualify for a bronze, but even if that is achieved, the disappointment may sting for the American players.

LeBron James is probably sitting at home, waiting for a call to get the Redeem team back together.

2. Desiigner because he pleaded guilty to indecent exposure after his recent debacle on a plane.

Desiigner allegedly is to enter a plea agreement agreeing that sentences him to two years of probation, 120 hours of community service, a $5,000 fine, and a public apology to the flight attendants for committing indecent exposure on a flight from Japan. The rapper allegedly made some lewd comments towards the flight attendants before dropping a jar of lubricating Vaseline in the aisle.

Desiigner released a statement where he said, "For the past few months, I have not been okay, and I have been struggling to come to terms with what is going on. While overseas for a concert I performed at, I had to be admitted to a hospital. I was not thinking clearly.

They gave me meds, and I had to hop on a plane home. I am ashamed of my actions that happened on that plane. I landed back in the states and am admitting myself to a facility to help me. I will be canceling all of my shows and any obligations until further notice. Mental health is real, guys; please pray for me. If you're not feeling like yourself, please get help."

Desiigner immediately apologized after the incident and claims he has since been to 19 court-appointed therapy sessions. He has voluntarily submitted himself for drug testing, which he says has all come back clean. Hopefully, the apology and work that the rapper has been doing are genuine, and he doesn't find himself in this type of incident ever again.

1. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner because their recent divorce announcement is still shocking people.

Joe filed for divorce on Tuesday from the "Game of Thrones" star after four years of marriage. The marriage had been on the rocks for six months, and apparently, Joe made the decision after hearing audio from the couple's ring camera.

The narratives as to exactly why they're divorcing are plentiful, but the biggest one seems to be about their difference in lifestyle. Joe is more of a homebody while Sophie likes to go out and party. The Jonas brothers are on tour at the moment, and Joe has brought their two children with him on tour while Sophie is at home.

The news has shocked many people, but one nobody saw coming was the man who married the couple in Vegas. Jesse Garon, an Elvis impersonator, told TMZ that he's shocked, heartbroken, and distraught after hearing that Joe filed for divorce after only four years of marriage (maybe he thought they'd reach five years before divorce).

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