In a city like New York, First-Responders address many different needs.

Immoral? This man is spending almost the equivalent of a full workday commuting to his job just so he can keep a city's tradition alive, and people want to call that immortal? Tommy Tuna is old enough to remember when those Times Square stores that are now crawling with Disney characters and M&M's were once crawling with naked boobs. The entire city is trying to rise from the wreckage and soldier on, and that's what Mr. Tuna has been doing every day, storm or no storm, keeping alive Times Square's pervy lineage in the face of gale-force family-friendly winds. If anyone says an ill word about Mr. Tuna's choice of employment they'll have to answer to us, but if you wish to laugh at the fact that a strip club is being promoted by a man named "Mr. Tuna," we won't stop you. 

Sources: The New York Post