That "Help Wanted" sign seems redundant. (Via)

Unity is alive and well amongst our servers of chain-restaurant barbecue, if this note posted on the door of a Dickey's Barbecue Pit is any indication. It would appear some mis-management has led the staff to band together and halt all pulling of pork until their voices are heard.


Shared on reddit, this Dickey's is probably one of the five locations in Ohio, based on the staff's recommendation that customers try the Lewis Center, Ohio location

Seeing things like this should make us feel optimistic that the job market really is bouncing back. In an economic downturn, shady employers get cocky. They know most people in this country are afraid to be thrown back out into the job market, so they feel free to cut corners and exploit their staff, until that fateful day comes when the staff gathers together around a piece of poster-board with a sharpie and composes their official declaration of "Eff this shithole."

Be warned, employers. Unemployment is approaching a pre-financial collapse low, and the job market is looking better and better. Your staff is starting to feel emboldened enough to walk. Go kiss their asses.

Sources: redditor JeremyChrist