Someone started a fundraiser to help pay the Patriots' $1M fine for cheating at sports.

Oh, you're a billionaire? Here, take my money! (via Thinkstock/gofundme)

The New England Patriots are officially being fined $1 million for, like, fondling footballs or something. It shouldn't be a very big deal because team owner and rubbery-cheese-maker Robert Kraft is literally a billionaire. Do you know how much a million dollars is to someone who has $4.3 billion? It's like dropping a partially-deflated football in a stadium-sized bucket.

For a reason that is completely outside my realm of understanding, one ride-or-die Patriots fan set up a GoFundMe page to help pay the Patriots' $1M cheating tab. Also, since the fundraiser is totally independent of the team, the Patriots might not even accept the money. Why? Why would anyone donate to this? Please do not donate to this. Even if you are only doing it as a way to retaliate against the fine imposed on the Patriots, please donate your money to something worthwhile instead. Remember, the owner is a billionaire and does not need your $5.