Watch "The Tonight Show" announcer, Steve Higgins, try to prove he's a better Shaggy than the man himself.

Not gonna lie, this made me cringe a little bit. I love watching the band during music stuff, because The Roots let you know via facial expressions whether or not this is a spontaneous good time or...not. While I admire Higgins and his commitment to the bit, they do seem to have fiercely planned this thing from beginning to end. They even end on that planned, "It wasn't us."

I would have enjoyed this more if one of them had just crashed and burned. What if Shaggy couldn't do Shaggy anymore? What if Higgins started doing a Nixon impression for no reason? Some excitement, please. Ah, well. In Shaggy vs. Shaggy everybody Shaggys. Shaggy out.

Sources: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon