5 people who are KILLING IT this week.

5 people who are KILLING IT this week.


1. This Lego fan who is also a "Golden Girls" fan.


(via Lego Ideas)

Did you know you can submit potential new Lego to modules to the company, and they'll consider them if you get enough votes? User LostSleep is trying to get their project of the ground and may have hit the sweet spot for people who are nostalgic for both building blocks and classic TV sitcoms. These new Golden Girl sets look amazing and with just a click you're that much closer to having Lego mass produce them.

2. Martha Stewart, who followed her roast domination with a gift basket.

Martha Stewart dominated Justin Bieber's roast, and she's not letting her legend die. She's putting it gently to bed, by sending all her fellow panelists sheets. It's a reference to, um, planned parenthood: "May I suggest pulling out some time and finishing on some fine highly absorbent Martha Stewart bed linens?"

3. The Mrs. Doubtfire Bandit, who has been robbing banks across Santa Cruz in style.


(via MSN)

We at Someecards do not condone stealing. But if you're going to steal, please revive one of the late, great Robin Williams's seminal comedic performances as a talking point. Whoever the bandit really is, they haven't hurt anyone during any of their heists...yet. Remember, robber, that's how Mrs. Doubtfire would want it.


4. Cosplayers, who made incredibly committed costumes for Emerald City Comicon.

This video was published this week by Beat Down Boogie, and it beautifully showcases the hard work of cosplayers at the recent Seattle, WA comicon. If you're gonna go to the trouble of making such incredible costumes, you deserve a slow-mo camera pan.

5. Plastic Jesus, who covered L.A. with "No Kardashian Parking" signs.

Hey, maybe you're Team Kardashian. That's cool. Artist PlasticJesus is also cool and his favorite message "Stop making stupid people famous" is making him stupid famous. Find your bit and pimp it, PlasticJesus, just like a Kardashian.


Keep killing it, everybody!