5 people who are KILLING IT this week.

5 people who are KILLING IT this week.


1. The Hirakawa Zoo, which is filling its Twitter feed with adorable baby otter pics.

YASSS. Adorable baby animals are always a win, but considering how cute adult otters are, this one is a no-brainer. Thank you, Hirakawa Zoo, for giving us what we want.

2. Jon Cryer, who put his saddle shoes back on to do his classic "Pretty In Pink" dance with James Corden.

Anyone who's seen Pretty In Pink knows that the real romantic hero is Ducky and his incredible thrusting hips. It's weird to see that, aside from needing a wig and reducing the number of thrusts his hips can handle, Jon Cryer seemingly hasn't aged. In that case, neither have I! Thanks for making my girlish heart flutter, Jon.

3. Needle Felted Cats, who produced this terrifying and wonderful cat head you can wear to brunch.

Housetu Sato and students at Japan School of Wool Art created this mask that almost tops the crazy Tyrion one from earlier this month. Lotta cool stuff coming out of Japan this week! If you happen to be in Tokyo this weekend, the mask will be on display at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. Only downside is that you probably won't get to try it on.


4. Ricky Syers, who can play the drums for "Tom Sawyer" with a marionette and miniature drum set like a pro.

Street performer, Ricky Syers, can slay Rush's 1981 hit Tom Sawyer. On a miniature drum set. With a tiny marionette. I can barely clap in rhythm. This guy knows how to pull strings!

5. This guy, who is losing it over how silly his dog looks.

Just a good old-fashioned video of a guy giggling till he chokes over how goofy his dog looks. The dog's not embarrassed, so no harm done! We gotta make our own fun. This dude gets it.

Keep killing it, everybody.