5 people who are KILLING IT this week.

5 people who are KILLING IT this week.

1. This guy who threw a paper plane with such skill it boomeranged right back into his hands.

If you love a paper airplane, let it go. If it's meant to be, it will return to you. The ecstatic grin on this guys face as he turns to the camera shows that even the simplest pleasures can make us feel on top of the world.

2. J.K. Rowling, who had the perfect response to a fan saying they couldn't see Dumbledore as gay when reading "Harry Potter."

Thanks, J. K. Rowling. Just...thanks.

3. Patti LaBelle, who danced to 50 Cent's "In Da Club" on DWTS.

Patti LaBelle explains in the origin story of this routine that at her 70th birthday party, friends were playing what she calls "seventy years young" music, but she wanted to shake her booty. Turn on 50 Cent and everyone gets up out of their seats! You can skip to 1:25 to just see the dancing, but know you'll miss Patti practicing through her knee pain. Because when you're that amazing, you sometimes have joint problems.

4. Kristen Schaal, who made spot-on predictions for the race to close the gender wage gap.

It starts with some riffing with Jon Stewart and ends with the suggestion that women everywhere should just 3D print their own penis, because that technology will be available before the gender pay gap is predicted to close. Kristen Schaal takes a stone cold bummer and makes us laugh through our sad sighs.


5. This lady who raised $42,000 to open a Dungeons and Dragons bar.


(screengrab via Kickstarter)

Melissa Garza has recognized that even nerds like to get tipsy. Sick of loud sports bars and alcohol-free gaming stores, she turned to Kickstarter for her themed bar, Dungeons and Drafts. The original goal was set at $9,600 which they reached in 6.5 hours. They're now at $42,000. If you can dream it, you can drink in it!

Keep killing it, everybody.