Daniel Sharp said he was "shocked" by the generosity of a man he knew only briefly.

Doesn't seem like such a pain now, does it? (stock photo)

Kindness is its own reward. Especially when it comes with piles of cash. 45-year-old Daniel Sharp, of Kent in the UK, learned that lesson after he volunteered to help out 75-year-old Ronald Butcher. Sharp, a builder by trade, cleaned out the gutters on Butcher's bungalow in Enfield, but when Butcher offered to pay him, he refused. "It was a nothing job that took seconds," he said.

The two men struck up a casual friendship. They were both interested in DIY projects, and Butcher liked hearing about Sharp's son. Sharp would check in on Butcher whenever he was in the area, which wasn't frequently. That's why it was such a shock to him just a few months later, when he learned that Butcher had died and left his entire £500,000 fortune to him.

Sources: The Telegraph