I was probably supposed to be grossed out, but I just wanna cuddle with that shark toy!

This is redditor jamesahyoung, whom I will call "James" on a hunch that that may be his name. A few weeks ago, James went on reddit to ask for help thinking up ideas for his first Halloween costume sans his left arm and foot. The image you see above is what he posted today, showing his very successful results from this past weekend. According to him, there were many people who still got freaked out (he wore the outfit to a Halloween party at a nightclub, so there were probably some gullible drunks around), and he "couldn't help" grabbing at the stump and yelling a little bit for effect. You can read more of his anecdotes in the comments section of the post, but by far the best part of that thread is when James shows his incredible sense of humor about losing his limbs:

Sources: redditor jamesahyoung