John Helinski was on the street for three years before a cop and a case worker helped him get his life back.

He used to sleep on a cardboard box next to a bus stop. Now, John Helinski of Tampa, FL has his own place and enough money to live comfortably. And he owes it all to the kindness of strangers.

It all started when Helinski applied for temporary housing at Florida's Community Housing Solutions Center. Unfortunately, they required ID, and all of his identification had been stolen while he was living on the street. But Charles Inman, a case manager with community health provider DACCO, wouldn't let Helinski just be turned away. He told ABC News:

"He needed to have an identification, but we couldn't get an identification without a birth certificate. There was no other option to succeed. You know, the thought of putting a 62-year-old man back on the street wasn't acceptable."

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