The guy who rented the last movie from Blockbuster chose a very appropriate flick.


I've never seen two guys so happy about looming unemployment.

Like most people, I was shocked this morning to learn that there were still Blockbuster stores operating around the country. But last night one of them in Hawaii rented out a movie for the final time. Fittingly, that movie was This is the End. Not sure whether the guy who rented it is without cable, satellite, Internet or a working smart phone, or simply enjoyed the experience of walking up and down video store aisles saying "excuse me" over and over. It certainly beats the experience of standing in line at a Redbox while a clueless loner takes fifteen minutes to pull the trigger on 'Grown Ups 2'.

But if driving to Blockbuster is your thing, don't worry. The company says fifty stores will remain open for folks looking to rent video games and purchase industrial sized boxes of candy.

(by Jonathan Corbett)