Black cook loses job thanks to fallout from racist video.

Chef Howard Dixon, who somehow refrained from poisoning a bunch of racist frat bros. (via Indiegogo)

On Sunday, Blake Burkhart, a former resident of the University of Oklahoma's Sigma Alpha Epsilon house, started an Indiegogo page to help an employee of the house who will now be leaving his job. So far, Burkhart has raised over $37,000 to help the man "land on his feet."

Burkhart describes Howard Dixon, the SAE house cook, as an institution in the house. Though former brothers may not have loved his "chili dogs," Burkhart writes that many "came to love Howard" and his "infectious smile." They also loved the way he took care of "Mom B" (Beauton Gilbow, the frat's 78-year-old "house mother," who now has her own Internet video scandal to deal with).

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