The Internet is a vast and wondrous place. Here is a thing I found in it. You're welcome.

What does it say about me that my first reaction was to start making "bones" puns? (via ApplePie1989)

1. What is Mpreg?

Mpreg is a community of men who fantasize about the possibility of male pregnancy. There are a lot of fan fiction stories (yes, mostly about Star Trek characters) and drawings (yes, mostly cartoon/anime characters).

People seem conflicted about which of the 'Supernatural' guys would impregnate the other. (via bt_kady)

2. Is this porn?

Kinda? It depends what you mean. A lot of the pieces are homoerotic, but a lot don't feature sex and are focused solely on a male being pregnant and/or giving birth.


Mark, don't be a tough guy. You're too far along to be working. (via Slide)

Pro tip: If you show this to an MRA person, their head will explode. (via Buggy Girl)

3. If it's not porn, why is this happening?

Why does anything happen on the Internet? Because a small group of people become obsessed with it.

But also, I think I get (part of) it: Childbirth is a huge and meaningful experience for half the population that the other half will just never be able to relate to. Imagine if half the population got to be shot into space for a day, which was extremely painful and inconvenient but also life-changing. Wouldn't you feel like you missed out on something if you weren't in that half?


For sure would have made 'Age of Ultron' watchable. (via puking-mama)

4. I'm having a lot of feelings. Which of them are right and which are wrong?

We're all having a lot of feelings about this. There's something really striking about the image of a pregnant man. That said, just be cool about it and let everyone feel the way they want to about it. After all, a lot of mainstream people worship a fictional work about a man with magic powers who died to save everyone and then came back as a spirit: Obi Wan Kenobi.

This could have been someone's religious studies senior thesis. (via Zenia)


5. Have they ever seen the movie 'Junior'?

They must have, right? I found shockingly little mention of the film on the forums given that it must be the first thing out of anyone's mouth when they talk to them. Maybe they all hate Junior and have agreed to never speak about it. In that sense, at least, the Mpreg community is just like all other communities.

This man was Governor of my home state. Not related to this piece, just have to point that out. (via Wikipedia)