Mycologists (mushroom and fungus scientists) have confirmed that a variety of mushroom discovered in England is a previously unknown species. Big deal. We're writing about it on a humor site because it looks like a human.

No, you're not on the other kind of 'shrooms. (Via IFL Science)

Jonathan Revett is a mushroom hunter and mushroom blogger, and delights especially in coming across rare specimens. In 2000, he was walking along a country road in Norfolk, England, when he came across some very strange looking mushrooms. Well, they were strange in that they bore a resemblance to a very familiar form: MAN.

Other characteristics indicated to Revett that they were a variety of mushroom called Earthstars, but they still seemed a little off (beyond their creepy humanlike form). So he sent them to some labs for analysis, and it took 15 years, but a study recently published in Field Mycology confirmed that this was, in fact, an entirely new species called Geastrum britannicum.

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