Everyone involved in being, photoshopping, or looking at this guy is a weirdo.

Every once in a while something grows out of the Internet and teaches you that you're more 'kooky' than you thought. This is one of those things. Some people on the internet got together to gather all the pictures of nude art models that were available, and one man stood out in particular, launching a million efforts at creative photoshops  If you'd asked us a week ago if we would find a bunch of photoshopped images of a male art model from Japan entertaining, we'd probably have said "maybe." Now, finally, we know that the answer is "please, people of the Internet, make more of these. Lay down your cats and beat this horse beyond death." We don't know why he is in such bizarre positions to begin with, except that Japanese art students may also be weird, but we're sure glad he was. If you have any other insane art of this guy, please put it in the comments.

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