Comedian and 'Jeopardy!' fan Louis Virtel did a decent job competing on the show, but it's the snappy (get it?) delivery of his answers that got people talking.

Louis Vitrel has put the "fabulous" back in "Jeopardy! is a fabulous show." The gay comedian is a life-long Jeopardy! super-fan, so he was super-excited to actually compete on the program. As a contestant, he was good — he made a strong showing, but lost in Final Jeopardy. But as a human, he was awesome, providing joyfully sass-tacular responses, like in the video above.

In an article on HitFix, Vitrel said that he has one regret from his appearance on the show: that he didn't explicitly say "I'm gay." Vitrel continued,

For whatever reason, you never hear gay contestants open up about their lives and you don't hear much about the lives of gay celebrities and luminaries either. While I don't believe "Jeopardy!" is at all antigay (Did you see that clue about gay marriage a few weeks back? Slightly shady!), it makes straightness seem far more acknowledgeable than gayness. Heteronormativity is an intoxicating comfort for some, especially in remote, internet-challenged areas... As much as I represented my gayness, I didn't say the word. As a kid growing up in the suburbs who venerated everything about "Jeopardy!", I would've loved seeing an expressive gay contestant own his homosexuality as well as the buzzer.
Sources: h/t Uproxx | HitFix