One man found out that insulting a famous author on Twitter results in a swift, impeccably written Internet kick to your manhood.

Go ahead, try me. (via Getty)

JK Rowling is shaping up to be quite a wonderful badass. Last week on Twitter she personally reached out to a fan battling depression and helped change someone's life. Yesterday, she received this profane insult:

@jk_rowling @Matthew_Ireson F*ck off you Labour C*NT. All you lefties are finished in this country, especially you JK b*tchface.
— sjosiah0 (@Steve Josiah)

Besides being poorly written, this tweet is seriously lacking creatively. Use a thesaurus, buddy! We're talking about a famous author here, put some effort in your argument! Needless to say, the now suspended twitter user @sjosiah0's voice was heard. And Rowling responded like the witty wordsmith we know she is:

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