Taking selfies with strange dudes at the gym is not how you defend yourself against accusations that you are a closeted "Scientologist," but that's what redditor jnitsuj claims happened when he was alone at the gym at 3am.

Just two dudes chilling at the gym alone at 3am. (via Imgur)

According jnitsuj's post, he "thought he was alone at the gym by myself at 3am," but then "this guy comes up to me and introduces himself."

This guy, of course, is famous "non-gay" Scientologist John Travolta. And to be clear, John Travolta came up to the totally not-famous dude, and not the other way around. And, why not?

He clearly has a lot in common with jnitsuj, like being one of only two men alone at the gym at 3am.

Jnitsuj, the only other person at the gym with John Travolta, has some deleted comments, but another redditor posted that in the comments that jnitsuj "had said that John approached him and asked if he was married, if he had kids, what he did in his spare time, and then started talking about his private jets. He said they talked for a while."