No matter how much technology changes or how far we come as a civilized culture, one thing never seems to change: people loooooove poop and fart jokes.

People have been a-singin' rump songs and a-tellin' rump jokes for years.
(From Rump, 1662)

For the last few years, I've run a blog called Some Old Jokes where I share jokes that were published in joke books printed before 1950. One thing I have learned is that while we often think of people from older generations being primmer, more proper, and more stuck up, human beings have always loved bathroom humor. They've loved it as long as there have been things resembling bathrooms (and maybe even before that). Sure, there were times when society cleaned itself up in print, like the boring Victorian era when the joke books consisted of plaster-dull bon mots. But as any human being knows, there is always more poop, and there are always more poop jokes.