After 22 years of obscurity, "that kid from Jurassic Park" has stepped back into the limelight.

Whit Hertford, who gave a tour de force performance as "Volunteer Boy" in the original Jurassic Park, spoke up in response to a popular fan theory surrounding Jurassic World. The theory alleges that Chris Pratt's character is Volunteer Boy all-grown up.

"One day, I will ride a motorcycle with my shirt open." (via Universal Pictures)

What's the logic behind the proposition? Well, as with any good fan theory, it has to do with velociraptors. In the original film, Hertford's character scoffs at the power of the raptor, calling the mighty beast a "six-foot turkey." In response, Dr. Allen Grant (played by Sam Neill) warns him to "show a little respect," explaining how the extinct animal could basically rip his face off. A visibly shaken Hertford responds with a sullen "Okay" and a newfound understanding of the (murderous) six-foot turkeys.

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