I am cautiously optimistic for this film, despite the fact that the image before you start the trailer shows Chris Pratt on a motorcycle flanked by velociraptors.

Seriously, Chris Pratt on a motorcycle flanked by velociraptors? Did Universal get a focus group of five-year-old boys and ask them, "Hey guys, what cool stuff do you want to see in a movie about dinosaurs?" and just let the kids start riffing?

Kid 1: "Dinosaurs that are scary and run really fast but you can be friends with them."
Researcher: "OK!"
Kid 2: "And a motorcycle. And the dinosaurs run with the motorcycle because they know motorcycles are cool."
Researcher: "Um, well..."
Kid 3: "I want Spongebob!"
Researcher: "We can't..."
Kid 1: "Me too! Spongebob!"
All Kids: "Spongebob! Spongebob! Spongebob!"
Researcher: "NO SPONGEBOB!!!"
All Kids: (crying noises)

Sources: h/t People