Unclaimed podcast topics.

Unclaimed podcast topics.

Unclaimed podcast topics.

Podcasting is a great way to share your passion with a broad audience, but in such a popular medium, finding an unclaimed niche can be a challenge. Here are some topics that have yet to be explored:

Light Beers

Bodybuilders On Mushrooms Crying At Animated Movies

There's a Miniature Horse in the Studio

Scott Bakula's Shit List

Tennis Coverage With a Strong Transphobic Bent

Did Sex and the City Predict 9/11?

Are They Still Dead?

History's Greatest Lottery Numbers


The DSM-V in Radio Play Form

The Oral History of the Cherry Poppin' Daddies

Drake Songs, Described

Three Comedians Doing Christian Slater Impressions Discuss Human Trafficking

Quentin Tarantino Shouting at Maitre D's

How Does a Barometer Work?

Hair We Found


Nude Scenes Narrated

Wait, Did We All Forget To Read Diary of a Wimpy Kid?

Bat Astrology

Is It a Melanoma or a Crushed Chocolate Chip

Harassing Daniel Craig With Blowdarts

MMA at the Office

This Day In Herstory


What If There Were Way More Pandas?

Surfing Wikipedia on Dial-Up

Very Large Prime Numbers

Objectivism in Dilbert

Who's Fucking Who On The International Space Station

Would Benjamin Button And Jack From Jack Be Friends Or Enemies

What Molasses Is For?


Rewatching Frasier With David Hyde Pierce Staring At Us The Whole Time

Repeatedly Explaining Why Children's TV Isn't Just For Kids

How Many Episodes Can We Wring Out Of This Solange Thing?

Is Music Gay?

(by Dan Abromowitz)