For when your parents don't want you to stay up on "YouTube" all night.

This is just a preview of the ultra-slim iPhone 7. (via Imgur)

If we've learned anything from Ferris Bueller's Day Off, it is that it's easier to trick your parents into thinking they are getting their way than to argue with them. A great example of this was pulled off by the brother of redditor pakifalcon who posted the above picture with the note, "My brother tends to watch YouTube on his phone all night, so he has to keep his phone downstairs now. Take a good look. My parents don't have a clue."

The fact that their son has only plugged in the case, and not the phone, is not the only thing they don't have a clue about. What many redditors and I wondered right away was: what kid old enough to have his own phone is looking at YouTube all night? His parents probably also think they need to buy tissues in bulk because he has allergies.

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