And now Father Goose can't fly over schools.

And he is not impressed. (via redditor Thewarship)

Today's Toronto Star featured a profile piece on Bill Lishman, the ultralight aircraft pilot who inspired the character of "Father Goose" in the Anna Pacquin film Fly Away Home. Lishman has a book out, and the story also features some of the gorgeous photos he's taken from the air. What he is not famous for is creating a national outrage by taking a gander at 15-year-old girls.

Like most Canadian news outlets today, the Star also featured a story about the sad case of the 15-year-old female student in Quebec who was forced to completely strip behind a screen at school when she was suspected of carrying drugs. A Canadian judge has just ruled that the procedure was lawful. More importantly, Bill Lishman was in no way involved.

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