If TV, radio, websites, magazines, social media, and billboards haven't sufficiently immersed your child in Kim and Kanye, now there's this: Kanye West's "Bound 2" video reimagined as a children's book.

It's the perfect gift for your li'l Harvey Levin in training. (via Zak Tebbal)

If your sweet pea is too green for Kanye's songs, artist and graphic designer Zak Tebbal has a solution: translating Kanye's music videos into children's books. In this case, the song is "Bound 2," an epic ballad of love, going to the club on a Thursday, and fucking hard on the sink. Or, in the book version, a cute story about Kanye West really liking a small chicken.

It's easy to be cool when you're Yeezus. (via Zak Tebbal)

I want so badly to see a Keeping Up With the Kardashians episode that takes place entirely in a chicken coop. (via Zak Tebbal)

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