Keep your eyes on the road! (screengrab via Ellen)

Kanye West popped by Ellen this week, because if you're a Grammy Award-winning hip hop artist, a morning women's talk show is obviously where you want to drop your latest music video. "Bound 2" is the final track on Kanye's critically acclaimed new album Yeezus. The video at first feels like a Lisa Frank folder come to life, complete with neon sunsets, horses splashing through water, and, yeah, a bird of prey because why the f*ck not?

Then we cut to Kanye on a motorcycle, lookin' like a chill dude, not in an especially big hurry to get anywhere, and suddenly Kim appears, fully clothed, behind him. Then, gradually, the clothes come off, Kim goes around to the front of the motorcycle, there's what my 7-year-old niece calls a "kissing scene," and then some implied...something. You should really just watch it:

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