Alas, iPad, I hardly knew ye.

'Tis the season for losing faith in humanity, so it's nice to read a story about someone being generous for no reason other than to make a kid's day. The kid in question is 16-year-old Clay Lawson, a high school student who buses tables at the Cavalier Diner in Charlottesville, VA to make some spending money. After a year of saving, he finally had enough for an iPad (which the local NBC affiliate hilariously claims was for schoolwork). 

Lawson was thrilled with his new toy, until he set it down for one second on a stack of papers, and his mother set fire to it. Yes, apparently, they burn old cardboard in a firepit at the Lawson house, and since the iPad was new, they didn't have a system set up yet to check the cardboard for iPads before engulfing hard-earned Apple products in flames. The iPad was destroyed, and Clay didn't even get a good YouTube video out of it.

Sources: NBC29