"You're not the koala I fell in love with!"

While it's kind of a bummer to learn that koalas fight, it's good to know it's not something they do very well. At least based on this video. It's hardly even a fight; more like an argument over who has the cutest ears, or who ate the last eucalyptus leaf. Something like that. You can tell these two really care for each other, because ten seconds into the spat they start nuzzling and appear to be close to starring in a video called Koala Makeup Sex. I get it. They're forced to live together in an enclosed space, so it's not like they can take a break from each other like most couples. Climbing the same tree must get old after a while. I just hope these two were able to settle their differences. Because if a couple this cute can't make it work, what hope is there for the rest of us?

Sources: Uproxx