In the silliest-sounding country on Earth, there is one town that even other Swedes think sounds funny.

The city of Umeå is located in northern Sweden, which is a country located in northern Earth. Umeå is 250 miles south of the Arctic Circle. This may be why they've chosen to stop saying one of the most common words in Swedish, ja, which means "yes," in favor of just making a little *whiff* sound with their mouths. Is it just so cold there that they'd rather not open their nice warm mouths all the way for something as minor as answering in the affirmative to someone asking, "Cold enough for you?" Yes. I believe the answer is yes. I'd say this makes them sound silly, but this is Sweden, a nation of Viking-descended good-governance addicts who hand out Nobel Prizes every year and all speak casual English to boot, none of whom will never be taken seriously again thanks to a certain Muppet who tosses out "snorgyborgy" sounds as haphazardly as he throws ingredients. That's why they love death metal so much—it's just to avoid sounding like a children's puppet.

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