Is your state filled with a bunch of lazy, couch-bound French-fry eaters? That might not be a bad thing.

Real estate app Estately just released a map of "States with the most couch potatoes per capita." The criteria that Estately looked at is a total stereotype party, as these bullshit studies often are:

1. Average time spent watching TV each day
2. Laz-E-Boy retailers per capita
3. Fast food restaurants per capita
4. Frequency of exercise
5. Average hours worked per day by employees
6. Obesity rate
7. Expressed interest in soap operas on Facebook
8. Frequency of Google searches for video game rental companies

I know that Estately wants being a couch potato to be a negative thing, but half of the things on this list of criteria sound awesome. I mean, isn't the whole American dream that we all earn enough money and have enough security that we can work less, enjoy our leisure time, and buy name-brand furniture? If you cross-reference this map with the map of how much you have to earn in every state to afford a two-bedroom home or apartment, many of the couch potato states are also the most affordable states to live in (except for Delaware, which is and will always be an anomaly). Couldn't it be that these people are working less, playing video games, and watching soap operas because they can be, and because those things are fun?

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