You'll feel proactive scrolling through this list in comparison.

He's got everything he needs, what's the problem? (via Cheezburger)

Though social media is itself one of the laziest ways to "connect" with other people, these folks have made laziness via status update a true art form. Every one of these people had to have at least enough energy to type. Yet, their writing indicates that they're engulfed by the moist, sticky mouth of Slothfulness. I salute you, lazy people, and your commitment to wearing sweatpants to work, eating dry cereal, and letting YouTube play whatever it wants after the first video you clicked on ends. Laze on.


Poetry isn't dead, it's taking a disco nap. (via Imgur)

Yes, laziness explains all the rolls under my clothes, too. (via Lamebook)


When pretending to do work seems like more work than the work does. (via Cheezburger)

It doesn't take 1000 words to summarize the greatest movie of our time. (via Imgur)

He draws the line at hair brushing. (via Imgur)

"Yeah, cuz he just lays there." (via Lamebook)


It's important to understand the commitment required. (via Imgur)

If you're in bed all day, you might as well get #TheDressed. (via Cheezburger)

Hello, operator? I'm looking for my phone. (via Imgur)


Can't even be bothered to run a spell check. (via Imgur)

I just gotta power through a few more hundred status updates!!! (via Imgur)

That's so lazy it's work. (via Imgur)

This was the night before their thesis was due. (via Cheezburger)


Both? (via Imgur)