Shayna Smith had so much she still wanted to say to her boyfriend's ex after her passing. It was all horrible.

That looks like the face of someone who can be reasoned with. (via Fox 23)

Look, we all deal with death in different ways. When someone important in your life passes there's this huge emptiness inside and you don't know what you're gonna do with yourself. Even when it's your WORST ENEMY.

Shayna Smith dealt with her grief over losing a rival by crashing the funeral and defiling that rival's body. The deceased was the ex of Smith's boyfriend and the police described their relationship as "frenemies." Who needs actual enemies when you've got frenemies like this?

According to reports, the woman's mother saw Smith with her hands in the casket. She walked over, probably not even imagining something so awful could be happening, and Smith bolted. That's when she saw that the deceased's make-up was smudged and her hair and FACE had been cut. Smith is now being charged with illegal dissection of a human body. Thanks for the head's up that you need a permit to do an autopsy, coppers.

Sources: Fox 23