"I wish there was a machine that made 20 Jell-O shots every 10 minutes," said no one ever except people with drinking problems.

Bartenders, look upon thy future and tremble. (via Jevo)

Meet the Jevo: The machine that promises to make already-annoying bars even more of a shit-show. Created by "serial entrepreneur" Jeff Jutton, the Jevo uses individually flavored Keurig-style pods to create its shots. For example:

Mmm, Celebration Cake! My favorite festive non-birthday dessert-style flavor treat. (via Jevo)

According to People, "the company has raised over $4 million in funding for the device, which it launched last week at the Nightclub and Bar Show in Las Vegas." The large amount of funding isn't surprising, since the Jevo site lists several places that could use the technology, including "national chain, mid-size and small nightclubs, bars, restaurants, casinos, resorts, cruise lines, family entertainment centers and gentleman's clubs." Because every time I've been to a family entertainment center, my main thought has been, "Man, I wish there were more Jell-O shots here in this place where a lot of children are running around!"

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