I'm glad he said he's a Deep South lawyer, so I could read this in Foghorn Leghorn's voice.
(via redditor meowshenanigans)

Offers to interview for jobs you've never applied for don't arrive very often in today's world, and when they do, there's a 99% chance it's an attempt to steal your social security number. Every once in a neon blue moon, however, it's just a typo on an email meant for someone with a similar name.

So began the tale of A. Miragliotta, who received an email in error from Ms. B (who may or not be the redditor who submitted this), who wanted him to come in and interview for the position of Graduate Assistant. As enticing as the offer of a job synonymous with academic poverty may sound, he decided to stick with his job as a folksy Southern lawyer (Southern lawyers are, as we all know, quick to point out that they're just simple Southern lawyers). He did, however, take the time to offer a full-throated endorsement of his maybe-relative, despite the fact that their families probably branched off over some medieval feud about who would inherit a prized anvil or something.

Sources: redditor meowshenanigans