NYC residents find an ominous cross on Gay Street, instantly make it their own.

NYC residents find an ominous cross on Gay Street, instantly make it their own.

According to Distractify, someone has been chaining a large, wooden cross to various fences along Gay Street in Greenwich Village, Manhattan. Yeah, clearly someone wants to send a message, and it ain't subtle.

I've seen stranger things chained to fences, but

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Anti-theft crucifix on Gay Street. #onlyinnyc

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Definitely an odd message to send in New York, where every street is pretty much "Gay Street," but for the record, the Gay Street was named back in 1833, and has no direct connection to the LGBT community.

Anywho, residents of the area were not exactly thrilled about the weird religious intimidation tactic but instead of destroying or removing the cross, they decided to make it their own with a little bit of paint and a whole lot of love.

If there is anything that New Yorkers love more than dollar pizza and express trains, it has to be shutting down hate.

#LoveIsLove #gaystreet #lovecross

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Behold the "Love Cross."

Gay Street resident Micah Latter uploaded this photograph to Instagram alongside a caption that explains the origin of the Love Cross.

Story goes like this: 9 days ago an enormous cross showed up chained and locked to my apt gate. The mysterious owner of the cross has the key and moves it around my street (which happens to be Gay St). Confused by the mute point this stranger was trying to make with a cross on Gay street, my neighbors & I decided to turn the cross into a Love Cross. Strangers, family, friends, dogs, neighbors & random tourist all stopped to paint, drink champagne in the street and celebrate the cross that symbolizes love in the neighborhood. Plot twist: we added our own lock to the chained cross and superglued both key holes.


Love: 1, Hate: 0.