In honor of Father's Day, Upworthy gathered gay men and women and their fathers to have honest conversations about when the kids came out of the closet.

It's been a good week for heartwarming coming out stories — first South Bend mayor/generally badass human Pete Buttigieg came out in a wonderful public letter, and now there's this Father's Day video from Upworthy. Like the best of Upworthy, this video of dads having honest conversations with their gay children makes you feel good, while mostly avoiding that worst-of-Upworthy thing where you feel like you're being completely emotionally manipulated by what they're saying (you're being just a little emotionally manipulated here).

Enjoy the feels. And hey, if you're feeling emotionally raw after, it's the perfect time to go write your own dad an honest Father's Day card. Quick! Do it now, before your natural protective layer of sarcasm returns!

Sources: h/t Mashable