Dealing with homophobia in the U.S. is already a daunting task. Russia, on the other hand, is a whole different story.

"Let's take Jackass and make it more depressing." (via YouTube/ChebuRussia TV)

Normally, YouTube "pranksters" who conduct "social experiments" are the most awful people in the video. I'm not sure whether they knew what they would find, but ChebuRussiaTV's simple video is that rare "social experiment" that actually turns out to be a shocking exposé. In this case, a reminder of the horrific reality faced by LGBT people in Russia. It's easy to think of homophobia as an abstract concept made of statistics, politics and history—especially with recent victories in the US—and to detach ourselves from the struggles faced by people here, and especially in less LGBT-friendly nations.

Sources: ChebuRussiaTV/YouTube | The Daily Dot