James Woods is a 70-year-old man. Earlier this week, he decided that it was a really swell idea to make fun of a 10-year-old child on Twitter, where he has over 719,000 followers.

The actor, who has slowly been morphing into his character from Ghosts of Mississippi lo the past several years (so method!), suggested that if the child's parents didn't force him to conform to traditional male stereotypes, that the child would grow up to be Buffalo Bill.

Because, after all, serial killers are known to generally have incredibly supportive and loving parents.


Charming! What a swell guy!

The picture was taken from a blog post in which mother Lori Duron wrote about what a great time her gender-nonconforming son had at Pride this year, and how nice it was for him to be accepted and welcomed by people who are a lot nicer and kinder than James Woods.

Neil Patrick Harris, who actually knows the family in the picture, fired back at Woods for his "utterly ignorant and classless" tweet.


Good for Neil Patrick Harris!

Woods later tried to legitimize the fact that he was a 70-year-old man picking on a 10-year-old boy by explaining that he has gay friends...


And that he was merely thinking of the boys welfare, because allowing him to be himself means that people will make fun of him. You know, like actor James Woods.

"Some grown-ass men can be ruthlessly cruel to children who are simply different in any way" -- there! I fixed it for you! You are welcome, Mr. Woods.

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