Way to go! Stand up for your right to do laundry without being gawked at!
Also, did you somehow have a black truck in the laundry room? 
(via Have A Gay Day)

The lesson here, ladies and gentlemen, is that lesbians are boring. Wait up, Johnny! Isn't this someone being exciting right here? No, this is someone requesting their neighbor join the modern world and realizing that LGBT people everywhere don't need to be whispered about like they're visitors from a parallel dimension (if those ever arrive, please don't whisper about them in public. You're making our dimension look bad). They're doing laundry. They're taking out the trash. They're engaging in braggadocio about how much tail they pull. Yes, she is a brave woman for standing up to this whisperer, and yes, she may embody certain lesbian stereotypes. But those stereotypes are a truck, a lack of makeup, boots, and no bra (oh, and bringing home chicks). Call me over to whisper something when they all have laser pistols.

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