Looks like America is only 37% sexually panicked! (Via ESPN)

In the wake of NFL prospect Michael Sam's largely celebrated announcement that he is gay, ESPN posted a poll asking readers to weigh in on the question: "Is the NFL ready for an openly gay player?"

Based on results so far, most of the country thinks, "Yeah, sure." As Gawker pointed out, in almost every state around two thirds of the respondents think the NFL will not be destroyed by the fact that one extremely talented athlete happens to have post-game sex with men instead of women (the other third has a little too much concern for the post-game sexual habits of their favorite athletes).

But two states in the union are still kind of on the fence. First, Mississippi:

(Via ESPN)

Out of 531 respondents, 265.5 are worried for the future of their gentle, fragile NFL once it has a gay player who isn't keeping his identity a secret.

And the other state: Tennessee.

(Via ESPN)

Nearly a thousand people in Tennessee think the NFL is not yet ready. No word on how much longer they think the NFL needs before it can survive this development.

This quiz is, of course, just a bunch of random people clicking stuff on the Internet and means next to nothing. Still, nice job on the 63% overall coolness, random people clicking stuff on the Internet.


(by Bob Powers)

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