John Keefe's request for the license plate "LGBTALY" was denied because it "carries a sexual connotation."

Dr. John Keefe II is a chiropractor from Oklahoma. He found himself butting heads with his state's government over his attempt to make a statement for human rights, and now he's taking them to court. He says the state is infringing on his right to free speech.

Keefe is married with two kids, and is a passionate supporter of LGBT rights, partially because he has a lesbian sister. He decided to show his support by getting a vanity license plate for his car, and because he is an LGBT ally, he settled on "LGBTALY." Very literal. He submitted his application to the Oklahoma Tax Commission in December and waited. And waited. So much time passed that he figured his form had been lost, but it hadn't. He eventually got a response from the tax commission denying his request because his plate "carries a sexual connotation."

Sources: News on 6 | KOBI