Just a photo of a man in a hot dog costume inviting motorists to an anti-gay car wash at which they can sign a petition to fight the legalization of gay marriage.

Hard to say where this event in Kennewick, Wash. took a wrong turn, but we're betting it started when the dude in the hot dog costume insisted on wearing the hot dog costume. Since the hot dog has no relevance whatsoever to the matter at hand, he clearly must be into dressing like hot dogs in a filthy sex way. What's going to happen when he meets and falls in love with an attractive person in a mustard costume, or maybe even a particularly smokin' jar of relish? They'll show up at City Hall and find out that because his Barbecue Foods Against Gay Marriage Car Wash went so well, marriage is only between a man and a woman and therefore hot dogs aren't allowed to marry condiments. We reap what we sow, sexually bewildered hot dog man. We reap what we sow.

Sources: BuzzFeed | Preserve Marriage Washington on Facebook