Rihanna has been helping a gay fan come out of the closet, and the fan anonymously shared their private Twitter messages with BuzzFeed. It's a little unclear if their relationship is just a celebrity/fan interaction or if they're actually closer friends, but he reached out to her confidentially on Twitter, and she offered support and encouragement as he navigated coming out to friends and family.

She was open and supportive from the start:

Anyone that comes out is fortunate to have someone they can confide in, and very fortunate if that person is RiRi, who only follows a little over 1,000 people on Twitter (private messages can usually only be sent between Twitter users that follow each other).


And she continued to respond, as he updated her on his progress with coming out to friends for the first time:


She showed love, support, and even thanked him for reaching out, saying "Thank YOU for being honest!!"


Her fans adore her even more for taking the time to help someone that needed it:

Maybe this fan sharing his experience with Rihanna will be helpful to others working on coming out, especially if they don't have the luxury of celebrity Twitter followers.

Sources: BuzzFeed