Say hello to your new American hero. He's Captain AbsMerica!  (via Getty Images)

Meet homophobia's nemesis. All the anti-gay bigotry in the world is no match for the sheer fabulousness of a cute, skinny boy with ripped abs and tiny shorts wearing an American flag for a cape. In response to Jason Collins coming out, the irritating vermin of the Westboro Baptist Curch showed up on Wednesday to protest in Oklahoma City, where the Houston Rockets were playing the OKC Thunder in Game 5 of the NBA Quarterfinals. As a counter-protest, this kid stripped down and dropped into full-on centerfold pose. We can only assume that after they got a look at him, everyone from the WBC grabbed sharpies to edit their signs to read "God LOVES Fags! Especially That Grinning Wisp Of Manflesh Right There!"

Sources: BuzzFeed