When Corey Maison, now 15, was 11, she came out to her family as transgender and began socially transitioning to female, Cosmo reports. At the time, she probably had no idea how much her decision would positively impact her family.

Corey was born a "boy" (the sex assigned to her at birth), but after coming out to her family, she began socially transitioning to female.

In an interview with Australia's 60 Minutes, the teen said she was initially scared to tell her family. "I wanted to make my parents proud of who I am, but I thought that they would not like me,” she said.


Her family was supportive, which is wonderful, and—sadly—not always the case.

But wait, there's more!

Three years later the teen's mother, inspired by her daughter's transition, told the family that he is transgender and would be transitioning, too. "Erica" became "Eric."


Eric told 60 Minutes that he "hated being pregnant" and that he "used to wish for cancer so I would have to get a mastectomy." But his daughter's transition inspired him to come to terms with who he is. Since coming out as transgender, he has undergone a double mastectomy and said he's never been more comfortable with his body.

Here's a photo of the father/daughter duo now, taken by National Geographic:


"Sometimes our children lead the way," wrote National Geographic in the caption, adding: "They are moving in opposite directions but toward their true selves."

Eric also has the full support of his husband, Les, who said:

I fell in love with the person. She was beautiful as a woman, but equally beautiful on the inside. As long as Eric is happy with the appearance, Eric will be happy with what’s in her brain — or his brain.

"I have five beautiful children, I have an amazing husband and an amazing life," Eric added. "My life’s pretty good now. It’s awesome."


I wish all trans kids and parents could have such a positive experience coming out to their families. Kudos to the Maisons for showing us what family should be about.

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