Meet Michael and Zach Zakar. They're models who also happen to be twins. Oh, and also, they're both gay.

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According to Attitude, Michael and Zach have gained a large social media following due to both their modeling work and their LGBT advocacy. In their latest YouTube video, the 24-year-old twins shared the hilarious and, honestly, pretty adorable way they came out to each other during their junior year of high school. It all started with a classmate who looked like Fall Out Boy frontman Pete Wentz.


One day when Zach was home sick with the stomach flu, the classmate (who the twins refer to as "Pete Wentz" throughout the video) randomly approached Michael in the hallway and asked him if he wanted to make out. Michael, who was still closeted at this point, happily agreed.

While Michael and "Pete Wentz" were hooking up, some of Zach's rugby friends walked into the bathroom and caught them with their pants down. However, since the twins looked much more alike in high school than they do now, rumor that ZACH was gay spread around the school.


Michael felt horrible (he thought his brother was straight at this point), but what he didn't know was that Zach and "Pete Wentz" had hooked up in the very same bathroom stall three days earlier. It seems the twins looked so much alike that "Pete Wentz" thought he was asking Zach to hook up again.

When Michael got home from school that day, he warned Zach about the rumor that was circulating the school.

“[Michael] told me the whole school thinks I'm gay, and my only thought was ‘Huh, I thought no one caught me in the bathroom with ‘Pete Wentz’?’ Zach recalled.


"Three days prior I fooled around with ‘Pete Wentz’ in the same bathroom," he continued. "Michael did the same thing but got caught – like a dumb-ass!"

So, the whole thing spilled out and the twins came out to each other at the same time. You can watch their whole hilarious video below.

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