There's no way she'll regret this going viral when she's older.

A face tattoo only a mother could love. (via Kickstarter)

Brisbane-based artist Illma Gore has pushed boundaries before, like when she rode her bike through town topless. Now, she wants to get her entire body covered in tattoos, and she set up a (mostly funded) Kickstarter to pay for her mission. She puts her goal this way:

"Help me cover my body in tattoos before I'm sick and old and knitting mittens for lobsters."

Sidenote: someone should really tell her that even sick, old, lobster mitten-knitting ladies can get tattoos. But hey, when you're 22, that probably seems impossible.

Yes, that's right. Depending on how much you donate, Gore will tattoo your name or a design of your choosing (no hate speech or snakes) on her body. A mere $10 will get you your name on her leg. If you shell out $1,000, you can design her entire right thigh. "Why not your portrait?" she suggests.

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