Just because you bought the Cracker Jacks doesn't mean you need to wear the ring.

I just want to know one thing: did someone put a too-small ring on for this video, or was some unfortunate person walking around with their index finger looking like a long, turgid tomato before a dude with a video camera was like, "Yo, we need to do something about this"?

We've all gotten something stuck on our fingers before, whether because we simply underestimated the size of our knuckles when we put a ring on, because we gained a few pounds, or because we sprained our finger while flipping God the bird really hard because he made us gain weight. Normally, my reaction in that scenario is to freak out and cry and cover my whole body in butter, which is my solution to most problems, but is also somewhat helpful in sliding off rings. Next time, though, I may try this string trick.

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